Moodle is a free source of learning for teachers, students and parent. It is an education management system that enhances the learning system of a student, brings efficiency in the teaching procedures of a teacher and helps parents keep track of their child’s performance. Moodle has a wide range of features for all. Some of the standard features Moodle brings on the table are as follows


It is a diverse learning management system that caters to teachers, students and staff

It can integrate with other systems and sync with Google and YouTube.

It can manage e-learning resources, sync with your calendar to track your events.

It provides a social forum for healthy discussions and engagement.

It allows users to conduct surveys and create quizzes and questionnaire.

It can be customised according to your LMS needs and be used as a single source.

It can be translated into seventy languages, making it globally accepted Learning System.

It gives wide range of graphical themes to personalize the system.

Many of the Moodle themes can also be used on your mobile phone.

Moodle also allows users to transfer from one management system to another.

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