AceObjects Helps Michael and Cecilia IBRU University (MCIU) with Digital Transformation (Corporate Website, VLE, SIS/Portal)

AceObjects Helps Michael and Cecilia IBRU University (MCIU) with Digital Transformation (Corporate Website, VLE, SIS/Portal)


Michael and Cecilia IBRU University (MCIU) wanted a more mobile-friendly and safe website and other platforms to support Virtual Learning. With AceObjects support, the University was able to completely transform their dated web pages into easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly, and secure web pages.

The Situation

MCIU produces high-quality graduates of international standard who can compete favorably with their counterparts anywhere, anytime in the world. In order to give their students the best opportunities and advantages to achieve success, the University sought out AceObjects to help redesign their website, deploy a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment), and SIS (Student Information System) platforms. The University wanted their dated website revamped, and they wanted a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) for their students, lecturers, and other support staff to deliver a variety of automated and interactive activities, including allocation of lecture plans, submission grading of online assignments, and general facilities management.


In today’s society VLEs are almost becoming a legal requirement for most Universities. Students want resources that are beyond the classroom and easy to access.  However, putting together a VLE is no easy feat. The website needed to have the capability to support multiple courses, and be able to handle active activity from multiple different sources and channels via Application programming language (API).

In addition, our dedicated team of experts also helped the University establish a new online application or SIS (Student Information System) that stakeholders especially students and management staff could use for effective communication and collaboration. In order to remain competitive with other Universities, MCIU needed to have a solid online presence that’s easy to navigate, secure, and responsive (i.e. mobile friendly, etc).

How AceObjects Helped

AceObjects specialises in digital transformation, marketing innovations, and technology consultancy and mentorship. Transforming MCIU’s websites and making them as contemporarily user-friendly as possible was their ultimate goal.  With a team of both technology and marketing experts, AceObjects took the University’s website and completely revamped it into a web presence that is mobile friendly, easy to navigate, and secure.


MCIU now has three easy-to-navigate platforms that students, lecturers and support staff can go to for more online resources. The Virtual Learning Center for distance learning is gearing up to launch soon and the University would offer virtual classes that reach beyond the classroom. Now the University is set to give students the best materials possible to help them receive the education they need for their future.

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